Why I’m Not Tech Loyal Anymore

The right device for the right task, right? And what is that? Each device is specifically made for something.

My devices:
Samsung Android Phone
Apple Macbook Air
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.2
Desktop PC running Windows *

Like many people, I reach for my smartphone even before my glasses make it onto my face each morning. My phone is my quick productivity hub–making it possible to review news, tweets, trends, and emails. Later on in the day, I use my seven-inch tablet for reading, gaming, and productivity “lite” (tasks that don’t require a lot of tabs or too much copying/pasting). Meanwhile, my laptop hangs out in the living room just waiting for me to decide I want to engage it in a task. I’m using it right now, but it’s a compromise–it’s Sunday, and I’m nerding out with my husband in the living room. But if I wanted to write this a lot faster, I should march myself to my office. Because if you ask me when I put in my best work, it is in front of my desktop computer. Maybe it’s because of my 24 inch monitor, or just because I have an office to support good work habits. This is a personal preference, and I know that other people find themselves to be much more productive while having the flexibility of a laptop. In 2008, laptops outsold desktop computers and just recently, PC Magazine just reported that for the first time, tablets outsold laptop computers (in the U.S. market). From that data, it seems as though a laptop should be just as productive as desktops, and if we assume things, tablets should be close behind. Yet, without a mouse, (and even with my bluetooth keyboard), I cannot imagine giving up a full operating system for Android, or iOS. I think this is the market that Microsoft  is trying to fill–the people who need full productivity, and I am secretly rooting for them because I can’t imagine always having four devices–it’s a bit of a first world problem,

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