Twitter for Professional Development

Have you ever worked for an organization in which staff members pass professional journals from one person to the next? I have. By the time the journal got to me, I had already read the relevant articles–they had been tweeted and retweeted by followers on Twitter. Yes, I’ll admit it. I would love to use Twitter to follow #meme all day, but instead it’s an easy way to keep track of trends in the industry.
For many of you, this post is like, “duh!” of course! But for others who have heard the words Tweet, Kardashian, or Lindsay Lohan in the same sentence far too often, Twitter seems like a guilty pleasure. Believe me, it can be (uh, #topchef)! But for other things, just by following a few industry microbloggers (tweeters!), I have learned a lot. I have created an overview video below for those of you who have created a Twitter account, but have no idea what to do next.
I originally created a video tutorial, but I have been practicing my imovie skills, and I am excited to revise the video.

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