The View from the Outside

For those of you who know me understand that I can be a silly, off beat, and semi-hilarious human being. I also tend to become really passionate about the people, places, and things that I care about the most. Unfortunately for me, I am also a “fixer” by nature, which doesn’t always work best for me if I am in a situation that I care about that perhaps isn’t living up to its potential.
I do best when I can back up and take a breath to reevaluate the context. After I do this, I don’t always have the right answer–sometimes my ideas are so “out there”, that they need to be reined in by a practical soul, or refined by a group of people who can provide a different perspective. But many times, I can at least see the problem more clearly than someone who is in the middle of the situation. And being honest about what needs to be fixed is sometimes the hardest step to take.

Many times, if an organization is going through conflict, there are often people on the inside who have ideas about how to solve a concern. The issue is that just like having your mother suggest your mini skirt is too short, it’s no fun when management starts laying down the law. By using an external consultant to helpit is much easier to sort through information. If the consultant says the skirt is a bit too mini, there’s a darn good chance that it’s probably the truth.

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