Reasonable Technology?!

I usually don’t steal images, but this was a perfect example. Thanks, WIREFLY

This is my grumpy post. The one is which I rant to Samsung and HTC and say, “Not all of us want five inch screens on our phones!” Some of us, like me, have small hands and short little fingers, and would like my Android phone to match (preferably with a qwerty, HTC!). Right now, I’m rockin’ an older HTC EVO Shift because it’s smaller, and it has a qwerty. Let’s be honest, it works, but it has a slower processor than I would like. But I’m not willing to lose productivity by switching to something like the Samung Transform Ultra, which is smaller, but more of an entry level phone. Nor am I willing to move to an iPhone. I know it’s small, but my life is on Google. For now, I’m stuck with my good ole EVO Shift it’s one of the smallest “real” smartphones out there. And with my qwerty keyboard, I can actually blog from my phone.
Which I did.
I know this isn’t my typical post, but I need my Android on the go for all that I do, and I wished I could upgrade to a reasonably-sized qwerty Android that was FAST FAST FAST, and was going to get Ice Cream Sandwich sometime soon. I’m talking quad-core with ICS… Yum.

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