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When does a blog “jump the shark” ???

Or… when does a blog “Jump the Shark”

This summer has been filled with sporadic wifi, long road trips, and participating in my brother’s wedding. It has made me realize my dependence on good internet connections, as well as my hesitancy to broadcast anything too personal onto the internets. Instead of blogging weekly, I have quietly used Pinterest, Picasa, and Flickr to catalog my diverse outside interests. ¬†I have struggled with how to handle this mix of personal and professional–not because I’m afraid of showing myself to the world, but because I have always felt that the best blogs were the most focused ones. Yet, what if this isn’t the case, and I give myself the freedom to explore and express my learnings from all my areas of my life on one blog? Do I allow myself to embrace the messy, unstructured learnings that come from all my interests, or do I just promote one? Is anyone really interested in me and my husband’s RV hilarity (yes, recreational vehicles) ¬†juxtaposed with my desire to bike to work everyday/carry as much as I possible can on my bicycle? What if blogging isn’t just about work? What if my lesson in building online community is a lesson in imperfection, confusion, and tagging instead of structure. What if authenticity is the magic touch that binds an online community?
In many ways, this is the same type of dilemma that enterprise community managers and policy writers struggle with. How much community building is too much? When does a topic push away a connection instead of embrace one? These are things I will ponder as I decide how to push myself online
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  1. Juliette, I really appreciate the questions that you are bringing up. As I considered how I might respond to you, I realized that it was easier to answer them in response to you than to answer them for myself. So, three thoughts. 1) I have found that I follow blogs for primarily three reasons. Either the blogger is focused on a topic in which I am interested, the blogger has an interesting take on many topics, or I am interested in the blogger (because he/she is a friend, family member or someone I admire). The key element in all these reasons is “interested.” So, it seems to me that if you find something interesting about the world or your husband or yourself, it is likely that those who follow you will, too. 2) I’ve come to think of blogging, of which I’ve not done nearly as much as you, as my “little” writing (kudos to @austinkleon for his rift on Big vs. little writing – I’ve always believed that it the little stuff that adds up to the big stuff so blogging in whatever form begins to add up to something greater. 3) As I reflect on my work experiences, I realized that the people I admired the most, the people whose company I enjoyed, the people with whom I wanted to stay connected were people who were competent and smart and interesting and fun and unpredictable and authentic. Seems like the same would be true online. Keep doing what you are doing. I think it is interesting.