Mash-up Mania: A Little History of This Blog

I’ve been blogging since 2006, until now, I’d never tried to put this together in a cohesive package. As I’ve looked back upon my blogging and tried to make sense of my path, I realized there were common themes that have come out throughout my career.
I started blogging under my maiden name: Juliette Loebl. My very first attempt was called Librarian in the Family and it was a class project for my Web 2.0 Technologies class in my MLIS program. I used blogspot in its classic orange and blue layout when, there were no WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors to make it easier.

I began my second attempt, Library Basics and Beyond soon after the class ended, and it was an attempt to blog while I was working in the public library system.  I learned quickly that I was pushing the leading edge of technology in a dinosaur of an organization. Right idea. Wrong fit. That blog soon ended.
In 2009, I tried it again, as I realized that I was one of many librarians trying to help partrons use online tools to help patrons deal with the difficult economy. I continued to blog as the Job Resource Librarian until I moved on from that position.
From 2010 to 2011, when I left my position in a large urban library, there was much more of an acceptance of Web 2.0. With a small staff, and the desire for free marketing, we used internal blogs to communicate with one another, and a specialized blog for the public called Off the Shelf. I was working as a librarian during the major shift to ebooks, so many of my posts were about new technologies. As I watched the world change, I realized it was time to move on and expand my skills. As I explored instructional design, elearning, and change management, I created the blog, Teach.Innovate.Create but as my focus has narrowed, I realize that it would be amazing to create a more lasting blog that incorporated all the learnings of the last seven years. With that, I decided to move all my blogs here  so they could live in one place.

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