Galaxy Tab versus iPad

My beautiful iPad + my workhorse Galaxy 2 7.0

I am now the sheepish owner of more new technology. Yes, I bought an iPad about a month ago, and have loved playing around with it. There are some amazing apps that make learning pretty phenomenal (iThoughtsHD, Tools 4 Students, and more) As an elearning professional, I felt that it was necessary to at least explore it, but yesterday, I panic-purchased a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 from Best Buy. Why did I do that if I was so happy with the iPad? Well, it’s because the iPad still feels like a luxury item to me. It’s all about beauty and fun, whereas, I need my Google Calendar and Task list to synch. Yes, there are Apps for that, but within fifteen minutes, my Galaxy Tab was set up in a functional way, similar to my Evo. I had fully expected to return the Samsung within my thirty days, but now,  it has become my little workhorse that is seamlessly connecting my Google world, my Amazon Cloud player, my Kindle, and more.
So what do I do now? Do I keep the iPad and enjoy it? Do I “donate” it to my mom who is IN LOVE with her iPhone? Or do I sell it?
I’d better decide fast because my nerdy techy husband is even losing patience with me.

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