Fast-tracking Career Transition: Work with a Coach,

Connections to inspire and support

Channel my mentors, and be grateful for my support system.
A lot of people thought I was crazy to leave a job during these times of economic uncertainty. Had I not been married to an amazing man, I probably would have stayed in my position with the public library. Luckily, Sam understood my desire to try something new, and reassured me that it was OK to pursue it.
To rationalize my choice, I decided to go back to school to pursue another degree. Although I always have said “two masters degrees are impressive, but three is just plain weird,” I assumed that a formal degree would help me find a job. While ruminating over this decision for a few months, my instincts kept drawing me away from entering a formal education program. Knowing I was conflicted, I sought out the help of a life/career coach, Rosie Guagliardo and even more recently, I have supplemented that with T&D Corporate Coach Michelle Filicicchia. Working with these two women has enabled me to move quickly through various phases of exploration while determining how to handle any knowledge gaps.  As I evaluate the value of these interactions, I am guessing that this up front cost has saved me time and money that I would have spent on another degree–with the added benefit of getting me even closer to a job that is true to my values and interests.


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  1. Way to go Juliette! I agree a third master’s degree is just plain weird (having two myself). :-p I’m also with a business coach and find it very beneficial to making and meeting goals. Good luck with your new venture!

  2. Thanks so much! You are definitely someone to look up to. I can’t believe how much you have done. Your work is amazing! Good luck with everything!