Delicious: Sometime You Don’t Want to Tweet It Out

And the winner is…Delicious 2012!

Like many users, I am on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin all day long. In that time, I read many well-written and intriguing articles. My usual response to my article lust is to “Share, Retweet, Share, Retweet, Repin!!!” (Say that ten times fast).
Lately, I have realized that when I find an article, I am not looking for a social response. What I really want is a way to save the information as a resource in usable, searchable folders, so when I have a specific question, I have a library of information at my fingertips–all in one place, no matter where the original information was found. I know I could use Pinterest to do this, but I really feel that Pinterest’s value is in design and visuals, not in article collection. When I thought of my ideal tool I came up with some prerequisites:

  • Easy. I want a button in my toolbar. (no copy, paste, save as pdf–I could do that on my computer, but it’s too time consuming)
  • It must live in “the cloud” so I have access to it everywhere
  • I wanted to bundle the topics for later access

After a bit of research, I was down to a few different options. Pinboard (a ten dollar one-time fee for this service which calls itself “social bookmarking for introverts”), Evernote¬†which I am already using to take text-based notes, or Delicious which I used in good ole 2005.
Since I am a fan of using tools I already have, I tried Evernote. It worked well to give me a basic screenshot of my desired article or the url, but I just felt there was something better out there. Since Pinboard was a fee-based service, I decided to visit my old friend, Delicious, and man, it has evolved since 2005!
With some easy set up (much like Pinterest), I now had a “Save on Delicious” button in my browser. I quickly created a couple of “stacks” and added an article. When I went back to the link, I could see an image, the linkable url, and a long summary.
Apparently, finding the right tool for the job sometimes means revisiting a website from the past…

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