Why Does My Blog Look Different?

I know, I know. You woke up this morning and decided to check out my blog, only to be surprised by its new look. You wondered,”What happened to her fun flippy-card links? They were so, mod…Let me be frank with you. I miss them too. I really liked the look of the blog.
But then I got real.
Here’s the thing; most of the time, people who are reading my information won’t even come to my blog directly. They might link to bits via Google, or follow me on Twitter. ¬†Yes, it’s nice if a website looks appealing, but in this world of parsed information, it doesn’t really matter. As long as my interface is clean and can offer people the ability to find my information, the coolness factor isn’t that necessary.
That being said, the problem with my other look was that it used “Dynamic Views.” Dynamic Views are flexible image-based blog posts, but they haven’t been as customizable as a traditional style. It also has not been possible to add Gadgets (think “Follow me on Twitter” link) to the layout. As of this week, an update has created new docked gadgets, but since this is relatively new, I have decided to go with the basic blog style.

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  1. I guess that this is why you would like to train others! Just the fact that there are differences in set ups, and links, and twitters and so on make it clear to me that there is a lot for everyone to learn. It just takes a good instructor.